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And is it? Is your life fabulous? Are you joyous? Are you changing the world for the better?

I’m not here to judge, but if you aren’t, wouldn’t it be better if you were?  What if every day was better than the day before? What if the world was wildly better because of you?

I’m here to help you get there - into that amazing life that you deserve. In calling myself a "healer", I’m saying that I'm here to take the heavy energy (the crap) in your life and help you shift out of that and into the joy that is waiting. Sometimes that's about helping you embrace your power, sometimes it's about shifting you into a place of less pain and discomfort. All that I do is aimed at helping you experience the powerful, world-changing life you are meant to have. I've done it for many people already (check out the testimonials) and I would love to work with you.

I am a light source. I bring more light into your life, and teach you how to use your own. The work I do is amazing. And you can be too. You heard it here first.....  ;-)