Joy !!!

Joy IS great!! Did you know that's when we have incredible clarity!? Embracing joy must be a strong intention, objective, and life goal. On this page are things to make you joyous. Come here to smile. Geeg

My Joyous Burning Man!!!

I am a Burner!!! To date I've been to Burning Man 7 times. ...

January 15th, 2018
The Joy of Leaving

I'm leaving an organization of which I'm sick of being a part. To say I'm thrilled is really underestimating the great celebration I'm...

January 12th, 2018
The Joy in Entertaining

PARTIES!!! Whether intimate or ginormous, I really love to throw and visit parties. The opportunity for great conversation, good music, good...

December 31st, 2017
Dancing is JOYOUS

Watch these dancers - they are all in a state of joy. And when you watch them, aren't you just noticing how you want to be in that place? that...

December 29th, 2017
Joy matters

Joy DOES matter. 

Let that sink in.

December 29th, 2017
Joy in a Yurt

I am seriously in love with yurts. There is something about them that I find warm and inviting. My goal is to have one in my backyard at some...

December 29th, 2017
The Joy in Animals

I am constantly floored at how we, as a society, underestimate and dismiss the intelligence of animals. We adore our house pets and too easily...

December 29th, 2017
The Joy in Math

I really love math. I find solving equations very satisfying. I'm wildly analytical, so figuring things out is something I love to do. I'll do...

December 29th, 2017
The Joy In Something Stuffed

Part of joy is the gift of giving. When you give something you are in a state of abundance - you have so much you can afford to give some away....

December 29th, 2017
Nasa Posters & appreciative joy

I'm not super into space...but cool art is cool art!

December 28th, 2017