A Better Planet

Sun31stDec 2017

So you want a better planet? Well done you. Few people articulate that. Even fewer actually take steps towards improving the planet. But welcome. The fact that you are reading this says that some part of you IS interested in helping the Earth into a higher place. You're not alone.

The thing is, helping the planet starts with awareness. There's an expression; "living consciously". I just googled it and there were 259,000 results. Basically what it holds is that we are aware of how we live. When you buy food without caring about the ingredients added or the way it’s grown/raised, you have supported the farmers growing with chemicals (as opposed to going organic), you used a product that will contribute to landfill use increasing (we only have so much land)...you get the idea. You are supporting the ingredients that you consume and which then go into the earth through your waste. Conscious living is about doing what you can to support a healthier planet. It starts with looking inward (at the life you live with the choices you make)  and then looking outward (the people you choose to vote for, the representatives you contact with your opinions, etc). Look at everything that you do - the wood you choose for projects (please don't buy rainforest wood), the paint on your home (which can leave toxins in the air,  or maybe leftover paint that you throw into the septic system which is then going into the ground and into our drinking water), the packaging of your food (plastic does not break down, and often ends up in the ocean - try googling "Garbage Island") and so on. Not thinking of the consequences of your actions is living unconsciously.

When you're ready to look beyond your personal choices, start with voting for Earth-conscious people and then follow through and watch what they do. You need to CALL or EMAIL the office of your Representative and your Senator on issues you feel strongly about (like the Earth) - leave a message in their voice mail box. Tell them you're a constituent, and that you voted for them (if you did). Then tell them when you CARE about something, and tell them what you want them to do.

Since I'm a native in the US, I'll pass on some info on contacting those representatives:

And what about the planet itself? What else can you do for the planet? Ohhh that list is endless. But start by looking around. What is it that bothers you the most? The food waste? Then see what other countries are doing and start a program nearby. The absurd use of plastic? Maybe start a campaign to eliminate plastic bags or straws, take-out containers, whatever. Just find something that you really feel strongly about and do something. OR write a check!! All those organizations need funding. If you don't have time, then share money. Finally, talk about it. SO many people really don't know where to start. Help them. Share this article, join groups in Facebook that educate you, surf the net and learn more, visit a bookstore...whatever works for you.
If you can't do everything, do something.
Thanks for helping the planet !!