Just Breathe

Sat2ndDec 2017

Take a deep breath (and let it out afterwards...that's implied in the advice). I find that more than other times of the year the holidays can just be overwhelming. SO much to do! I want to decorate, bake tons of cookies to give away, organize lots of gifts and send them out, make a gingerbread house to give away, I do choir concerts...and that's all before "normal activities" and any traveling involved. 

Take another deep breath. Slowing down is a good thing.

You start with letting go of your expectations. Like ALL of them. Then you do that live-in-the-moment thing where you ONLY look at right now, and then decide what to do. RIGHT NOW, in THIS moment, what should you do? And before you do that, replace the question with "what do you WANT to do?" THEN you're where you need to be. Now you may want to pay bills...and that's cool...but just realize that you are choosing it. Everything you do is a choice. Let that sink in. So be aware in any moment that it is YOURS and that you get to choose a great deal around it. At the end of the day...look back and feel good about your day. You chose it. And if you feel differently than you'd like? Cool, then let that go and just embrace tomorrow. How awesome that you get another shot!

HOWEVER - Some days are shit, or worse, and you SO did not choose that. Been there. And I honor you in that spot as it SUCKS. In that circumstance, embrace whatever blessings you have and realize you do get to at least decide how to let the events affect you.

Go ahead. Take another deep breath. Or don't. Your choice.