Love and Connection

Fri29thDec 2017

Another Burning Man photo for you. This is what it looks like to have (most of the) around 80,000 burners watching the temple burn. Want to know something? The bulk of them will tell you that they feel connected to everyone around them. That's just a really cool thing about Burning Man - the way we all are connected.

Connection is HUGE, and something that is given far too little consideration.

Our prisons, for example, put people in solitary confinement FOR MONTHS (though I understand most of them are stopping that..thank goodness). Solitary confinement is also considered a form of torture in some circumstances. And we even need to discuss how important that is? I've read of orphan animals that just do not develop without a mother (adopted or not) available to offer love. We KNOW the effect on humans. Take a look at jails again - how many inmates have a poor family life? It's tragic. So why are we, as a society, failing to ensure everyone is loved and connected? EVERYONE wants and needs love and connection. 

So let's make it an intention. We commit tol reach out and offer love and connection AND we will offer more support to organizations that do too. Boom. See how easy that is?