The Path We Live

Tue1stMay 2018

12 - Purple jagged lines from the center

These lines are great to stare at. At this point the painting is so busy that to see something you have to really stare at it and search it out. Plus, because it's so large, you don't see everything from a distance. I love finding one of the lines and following it to either end. 

The meaning of the lines? Paths. Paths of a people in fact. And not paths like, you know, sidewalks that are predetermined, but instead the path that we follow as part of who we are. Remember how I said the yellow sun-like light represents intention? Intentions CAN feed into paths, but they don't always. If you follow the purple lines you'll find some of them really bleed into the cancers (green splotches surrounded by fire) and work to take them over. What about the ones that are right by them and do nothing? Remember, the energies depicted here represent groups. So there are groups of people who are on a path to help the Earth, and do, and then there are those that see that problems, intend to help...and yet don't. See how the lines are zig-zagged? That's because people shift around all the time. Sometimes that helps Mother Earth, and sometimes it doesn't.

Are you wondering which of these figures represent your life?