Tue1stMay 2018

11 - A completely different energy

You must understand something - I take my planet very seriously. As part of that, up to this point, I have been painting in a very serious state, with intense meditation music in the background (and credit where it's due - Tuvan Meditation Music). I then found a point where there needed to be something here that was more playful. I actually tend to be in my highest power when I'm playful, not thinking, and just doing. That's when I added these figures into the painting. 

These figures, by the way, are really something I paint that says more than you'd think. I was in a still life drawing class once, drawing something as the naked eye would see it (probably flowers) and I was adding figures similar to these. One classmate said "what IS that?" And then another classmate, (who some might say was mentally challenged but clearly had a unique site) without missing a beat, said "those are in the air around people". That's when I knew I was drawing energy. VERY cool stuff. So for whatever they mean, these charming figures are energy too. What they represent HERE are the individuals on the planet and their differences and the beauty in those differences. This is where they enter the painting, the energy of the planet, and see where they fit in. It's funny how we all want to fit in somehow and strive in that direction. And I'm not talking about conforming, per se, I'm talking about understand our place on this planet - why we're here, who we ARE relative to everything, and where to go and what to do. Few people are super clear on it, and that in itself is interesting. Think of it - why are YOU here?