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1 Testing this for length Our justice system...isn't one. This tracks one poor soul through the system and it's embarrassing. If you think we're fine, this is a good read. Our justice system...isn't one. This tracks one poor soul through the system and it's embarrassing. If you think we're fine, this is a good read. Our justice system...isn't one. This tracks one poor soul through the system and it's embarrassing. If you think we're fine, this is a good read. Our justice system...isn't one....

GREAT resource for seeing what sort of artist you are. We are ALL Artistic. Everyone. It just looks different in each of us. I give this book away more often than any other.

The cycle of poverty has an overlapping cycle involving prison. This touches on what's wrong with our judicial system and really needs to be understood. Excellent read.


If you've never been poor you really don't see the problem. This will help.

Hot topic, and great information to help you make decisions. (note - I'm having trouble putting the link button in for this one. Go ahead and click on the title and that will pop you into Amazon)

The Earth

I LOVE this book!! Another MUST have. Perfect for getting in touch with Mother Earth.

Explains where we are with food (be scared) and better options. Excellent starting point for seeing how farming needs to (and is locally) changing.

Dirt is a big deal. This tells why and what to do (buy land...)

Over 30 scientists had input here. There is talk that GMO research on the dangers doesn't exist. This is it. 


Thyroids are WILDLY important and detoxing them into better health is absurdly easy. This book is written by a medical intuitive, so you're getting an extra dimension of credibility there. VERY worthwhile.

Great book for healing and to understand energy.

Mantak Chia is an amazing authority on energy - look for him when you want ways of moving and manipulating it around the body. EMDR helps people let go of past events and toxins. Fab for PTSD! EMDR vs EFT


I like this book. It's a very easy self-heal which has great humor to boot.

FABULOUS! If I picked one book for you to have, this would be it. Great for understanding how the body holds energy and communicates its needs and then how to heal it as well. 

Understanding your emotions really puts you in a whole different place. Good healing resource.


MUST READ! Incredible book! Author is amazing! I think it's up for an award...  ;-)

I really like her take on explaining energy & beliefs. Good scientific explanations. There aren't a lot of books that bring together both and how this fit in. This one is relatively short, and really to understand.

BEST Energy resource book! Eden is a fantastic authority. At the same time, this is really heavy-duty. Not light reading at all. But thorough. And if you want to be an energy healer, her program is THE best certification to get.

Visual proof that words carry energy. Great discussion of the implications. 

Earth energy - the physical Earth's energy, including ley lines, and what we add to it.

Great resource on specific sites and the Earth's structural energy.



Wonderful book for scientifically explaining how beliefs work and relate to energy.  I find his explanation are very understandable - he's taking the quantum physics and biology of energy and really making it accessible. Great author in general, worth exploring his other books (and lectures).

This is a good starter book. If you know nothing about energy, this takes a very broad topic and breaks it down for you. 

Greg Braden in brilliant. All his books are amazing. Grab one that calls out to you.

Everything around understanding how to shift beliefs begins with Theta Healing. A good read if you want to learn to shift beliefs. Their program, by the way, is where I learned about beliefs. Wildly useful. If you are a healer (or intend to be) learn about beliefs. It's crucial to really understanding energy.

Eden & Feinstein are masters around Beliefs & Energy. Anything they write is gold and this book is a great collaborative effort.


Pert is brilliant. I find Pert, Lipton and Chia to be some of my top authors.

Hugely popular book, and really a great starting point for explaining energy, beliefs etc. Very easy read. It's also in movie form btw.

The Mind

There's a rumor that the brain does all the thinking. This books proves that wrong through documented cases of heart memory in transplants, Good discussion to check out.

Fantastic insight into the autistic mind. The brain is wildly misunderstood and underestimated. This is a book for insight in a different direction.

A brain scientist walking us through her stroke. Fantastic explanation of how the mind can work.