Gigi's Qualifications

Gigi Gallaway

Alternative Therapy Resume

Upper Valley, VT/NH



Work Experience

Self Employed Alternative Practitioner, Summer 1998 - Present 

Practices include Energy Work, Shamanism, Belief Work, Kinesiology & Channeling,  


Published Work


Courses Taught/Available

  • Energy Lecture Series– Taught through Dartmouth Osher, March 2018
    • Lectures on individual topics related to energy and healing (catalog pending)


Modality Certification/Studies

Energy Work


Shamanic Work


Belief Work




How did I learn?

I’m a great example of someone who’s certifications don’t fully reflect my capabilities. I tend to learn something new, understand the basics and take off with that. I do this because I am highly intuitive, highly analytical, a kinesthetic learner (I see it and I get it) and a voracious reader. For me, classes were just a starting point. In fact, I found they didn’t answer many of my questions. My library is extensive because I got the answers in books. After that, I worked on people and just figured things out. When you understand energy and how the body works, adjusting it and resolving issues is actually pretty easy. I was fortunate that many of my teachers understood this and took on an advisor role. It worked.


I studied business - specifically economics, finance and marketing. It factors into my work in interesting ways as it taught me ways of thinking, analyzing, and presenting ideas to clients. I also make really great charts....  ;-)

Masters of Business Administration, Finance & Marketing, Northeastern University 1985

Bachelors Degree, Finance and Economics, university of Las Vegas NV, 1983


Full Disclosure

Hiring anyone in the alternative therapy fields is tricky. I wrote a piece with some hints on what to look for to make it easier. Check it out!