Dad's Cancer

Thu14thDec 2017

When I painted this, my dad was experiencing cancer (multiple myeloma, if you're curious). It's odd having someone go through this. There's not a whole lot you can do for them. What you CAN do is "hold space". if you've heard people say "you're in my prayers" this is very similar.  The only difference I see is the time frame. Rather than thinking of the person when praying, holding space is about ALWAYS having them in your thoughts and wishing them well, whether consciously or subconsciously. You could argue though, the two scenarios are the same. And it works by the way. If you are hurting, in whatever form, having people rooting for you (note the word - "rooting" - meaning they are helping you to connect with the Earth, the true mother), whether through prayer or holding space, shows you are not alone. Feeling loved IS a big deal, and that's what this is - it's love. People express it in different ways, but being alone and unloved is awful. In fact, the fear of ending up in that place is fairly terrifying for a lot of people. Imagine going through a disease like cancer alone. Rough.

But my dad had a lot of support. He was blessed.

This painting was a way that I supported him. By painting it I hoped to take some of the cancer's heavy energy away from him...and however it was effecting me. That's what expression does - it removes the toxic energy of the thing expressed (assuming you let it go in your expression). He never saw this painting. In fact, I keep it in a closet now, so very few people will ever see it. So there you are.