Embracing the Peaceful Warrior

Thu28thDec 2017

I have a temper. Fortunately, I know it well and I can see it coming soon enough to leave the company around me and deal with it on my own. At the same time, it can be exhausting when I don't have that luxury. Holding back from an anger eruption is an art that, frankly, far more of us would benefit from understanding. The shortcut is this painting. I've infused it with energy so that when the image is embraced/remembered/seen, the individual is prompted to (instantaneously) step into a place of love, peace and honoring, and then let go of the anger and instead embrace the warrior in a state of peace. That is, we're not meant to give up, but rather, engage on a higher level.

If you watched it in slow motion, you would see the individual becoming angry, then remembering the painting. In that flash of a beat, the painting takes your Being to a place where you see why the "adversary" is irritating you. For example, if they doubted your work and threatened your expulsion, while you knew the work was exemplary and were ready to launch into your defense. Normally you'd get angry and perhaps lash out at this seemingly incompetent individual who clearly has more power than they should, BUT the painting prompts you instead to understand that they see you as a threat and are scared for their own job so they are hoping to cause you to leave. You inherently know they feel they have a family who is struggling and that they would not find another job. But the details don't show up. Instead, after you hear their words and after that heartbeat of a flash, you (without thought nor conscious intention) step into a place of empathy and respect and you speak with them from this place. You are now peaceful, and the warrior part of you knows inherently what to say so that you both come out winners.  THAT is the result when you embrace your peaceful warrior. 

SO if you have an anger issue, embrace this painting and remember it when you are ready to erupt. It will help.