Expressing Fury

Thu14thDec 2017

It's funny how many different expressions of anger, rage, fury etc there can be. And of COURSE that's true. WHY would we think otherwise? This particular piece was on someone I love letting me down, and REALLY not getting me. I was shocked and hurt...and livid. I'm pleased that I was wise enough to paint before I spoke. What I eventually realized is that it's not that they are being malicious, it's that they are being THEM. People can only be who they are. That's it. If we are expecting them to be more or less, it's WE who are off. Anger is about unrealized expectations. So when you're angry, it's a good time to adjust into different expectations. In particular, don't expect people to do what YOU would do. You are two different people. 

I love the colors in this. so basic, but colorful. I love the green lines - that's a style I use in other paintings, and it's a favorite...and the purple here, SO intense, and the serpent? I remember making that and really getting into it (note - the diff between snakes ad serpents is size. Serpents are WAY bigger). I wish I could remember more and I just don't. I remember the emotion and the hurt, both gone now, thankfully, but not the meanings. Interesting that.