Forgotten Recipient - Energy Shift 2017

Thu14thDec 2017

Funny this -  I took the picture and forgot for whom I made the painting. It's sobering as if I can read energy, why can't I just feel into it and know? It's harder when I get into my head. First step - letting go of being wrong. It's OK to be wrong..there is great purpose there because first of all, there really IS no "right" because it's all perspective. I mean, it you're part of a tribe that eats animals, well then that's ok, but if you're in a tribe of vegans, that's unacceptable. Who's right? So then we look at "truth" and truth is the same way. What is true for me is only true per my perspective. If we stand with a book between us, I see the front and you see the back, and they look quite different, but we're looking at the same thing. SO being wrong - it's just perspective. I made this painting for someone (and actually I'm pretty sure I remember who) and if I guess who and I'm what? It facilitated this lovely little conversation on truth for you. Far more valuable that knowing why I painted this thing.

And having expressed this I know who's it is. And it's an Energy Shift - or the manifestation of one. I manifested that he'd have what he needed. And honestly? He rarely needs anything. That's why this is great. When he IS in need, this will help him to solve that. Done deal. Cool stuff right?