Medicine Wheel - Mitchie 2017

Thu14thDec 2017

I learned how to make medicine wheels (this painting is one type of a medicine wheel) from a full-blooded Cherokee. Amazing man. The idea is that someone makes a picture that reflects their life. They needn't have any other intention. It can be an abstract, a landscape, a portrait or whatever. Once completed it can be interpreted in such a way as to understand who this person truly is. Fascinating right? So what I do is make one FOR them (I tap into who they are and go from there), then interpret it. I can also go another step and ask questions of their Being and paint THAT. In this case I said "What does the Universe want Mitchie to know?" and then I paint the answer.

This is personal to him, but as an example of how this works:

The red design in the painting - A spider has great control over its own web, and yet caught in another it can not survive for it is unique to its own focus, its own life. He needs to know that the focus that is his own is meant to be exactly this – the focus on his OWN life. Though he is in service, indeed, it is the focus within that brings value, richness, and the lessons to be learned. To focus within is the highest service.

What's interesting is that every time he needs this lesson, he'll encounter this painting and REmember what he is meant to know.