Medicine Wheel - Will 2013

Thu14thDec 2017

I like having two Medicine Wheels for Will right next to each other. They're for different years (read the blurb on the other one too). Things change and the paintings change.

Change is cool stuff, but also scary for so many. We're so hesitant to let go and let things change. What if things are WORSE after the change? What if they are HARDER? The answer? Ok what if they ARE? Well, if they are, then you look for another change, an answer that is something different. More often than not there is a way to shift out of everything even if that shift is just to accept it. I'm always so impressed by people with disabilities who have moved on. "Yes, I'm blind. And?" "Yeah, I'm in a wheelchair, so?" "I lost my dad and it sucked and I hate it...but I also have a life". Gang, you really CAN move on. Acceptance can be a bitch, but it's always an option. Always. 

Embrace change. Who knows what's on the other side.