More Anger

Thu14thDec 2017

I honestly have no memory of what this was about, and only that it was anger. I think. It FEELS angry. I'll be honest, I'm not crazy about it. Right there we have a thing. When you create something it's a part of you. You might be disappointed with the outcome, but you chose everything that you did for a reason. Look at the reason, the WHY of the piece. Did you just want to make something pretty? Then you likely were feeling good. This one - it's one of my few mixed media. I used acrylics and...ugh, can't even remember the name...pastels? It's that oily chalk stuff. Wildly messy....and I'm really lousy with it. So right there I was frustrated. It compounded the anger in the piece..or maybe the piece BECAME about anger with the medium and maybe my limitations artistically? Who knows. 

Whatever it was about, I expressed something. So objective met. Really, expressing yourself artistically is about....expressing yourself artistically. Much more fun than shouting (in my opinion).

Express yourself. It's wildly important.