Portrait of Grace

Thu14thDec 2017

This is a portrait of my daughter Grace. I painted it...hmmm....around 2012? 2013? I think. What's interesting is the star - she and Will both have one in their portraits and in the same spot. That wasn't planned. In both portraits though, it's a favorite spot.

I love staring at this painting. 

So the teapot I love - it's one she made for me (I love teapots) and it's a real favorite (I never touch it as I'm afraid of breaking it). That upper right bunch of colors? That's the lousy parts of her life. There were far too many. At least they ended. The star..I think that was her effect on me. All good. And the part of her in the corner, with the long glittery hair and stars..I feel that's her now, watching everything...which is so her. That vortex in the middle - it's her continuing effect on mankind.

It's a medicine wheel of sorts - showing who she is. And that she's wonderful. But then, I love her, so that's a given.