Portrait of Will

Thu14thDec 2017

A portrait of my son Will. You can see the style is a bit like the one of my daughter Grace. I didn't plan that, but I like it.

The star in the left corner - that's him to me, but too, it's his effect on everything. And that small figure of him going into it heart first? If you look, he came off that jump behind him. Wil is fearless like that. He likes to race motorcycles. I love his guts. Under that jump are all these types of (abstract) vehicles. Will loves everything with wheels, movement, speed. And he moves so effortlessly. 

The planets? There's a connection between him and the Universe. No idea what it is yet, but there's power there. We'll see.

And the buildings? I don't remember what those are for...if I ever knew. But they needed to be there. This is how I paint - I paint what needs to be there.

This is him. The vibration is my son. So I love this painting. And of course him.