Winter festivity

Thu14thDec 2017

So I painted this at Christmastime...but I as I painted it I was reminded that other religions get ripped off. No other religions get the benefits that America gives to Christmas. I mean for crying out loud, there are SO many religions out there - why does Christianity get all the attention and vacation time? It's unfair, mean, and embarrassing. So anyway, I started representing other religions in the painting. It made a feel a little better - like at least SOMEONE (me) was remembering them.

For me Christmas isn't about religion's about expressing love. I love choosing the right gifts, and giving away as much as I have time and money for. One year I baked 32 dozen cookies, the bulk of which I gave away. Felt great. As I write this - December 2017 - I have made to date 21 gifts. Fantastic. That's how I celebrate. Giving. And this painting reminds me of how great I feel when I do.