The Joy in Artistic Expressions

Sat13thOct 2018

This a Chihuly glass sculpture. Dale Chihuly is an amazing guy. In short, he's a GREAT artist that teaches his craft and works in multiple directions. Interesting fact - he worked with glass until he lost an eye and had no depth. After that he was forced away from directly working with it (you need depth to blow glass...), but kept going and his work is now even more phenomenal.

I constantly ask people how they express themselves artistically. Everyone does. Whether you paint, garden, cook, or even express it through purchasing art, choosing which movies you watch, write books, poetry...there are SO many ways yourself! And it's vital that you do. Seriously...when you don't express yourself you fail to give your Being the opportunity to shift, and you can get sick just from that. It's why open, chatty people are healthier...they work stuff through by talking about it. Art is a different way of expressing yourself. When you let stuff out into you art, you are INDEED letting stuff go! 

So find a way to do that more. Try talking or thinking into some medium - flower arranging, baking, even shopping - whatever gets your brain moving and shifting is a good thing. And hey, if you can blow glass, I'll bet that's really fun too.