The Joy of Doing Something New

Sat23rdFeb 2019

I love NPR. Today there was a gentleman discussing how he tries something new fairly often, and for 30 days a shot. Cool idea!! I like to try different artistic outlets the most. If for nothing else, to laugh at how AWFUL I can be at them. Like pastels – they get all over my hands. Crazy. And water colors remind me that I’m a control freak at times. They seem to have a mind of their own with me.  My big artistic outlet seemed to painting abstracts…until I started pondering embroidery. I’ve been playing around with embroidery for longer than I remember. I still remember an embroidery art project in 6thgrade and the girl who embroidered a beautiful underwater scene. I had a girl at the top of a hill in a purple dress. So I incorporated some embroidery into a quilt I was making. The picture is from that. So now I know I like embroidery. A lot.

That’s the thing – trying new things brings us into a different place. Why on Earth would we ever fail to try new things? It’s exciting! And if not, great, then it’s something else we can check off our list as done. Lesson learned. I tried snowboarding a few years ago. I LOVED it….until I fell (and WOW to anyone not wearing a helmet…I’m fairly sure I was blessed that my head stayed intact thanks for my helmet).  So ok, we can let go of snowboarding ( fall and you're quitting? Yup. Because I was going very slowly AND, no joke, I really thought my head in a bad way. I can't imagine worse fall...). Good to know. Glad I was borrowing the equipment.

The idea of trying something for 30 days? Cool idea….but I’m not locking that in. I can really appreciate spending time giving something my best shot, and other times I immediately think “ok…and no.” And that’s legit. Besides I suspect if I had to commit to 30 days, I’d pass up on some things.

And guess what? It’s up to you how you do it. But trying something is a blast. Just saying.