The Joy in Entertaining

Sun31stDec 2017

PARTIES!!! Whether intimate or ginormous, I really love to throw and visit parties. The opportunity for great conversation, good music, good food, laughter...and connecting is just so there! But the people - that's the best part (well...great food is great food..I can be a foodie). Still, I do love a really good conversation. I'm not sure whether it was my Grandmother, my Great Aunt Sophie, or my Great Aunt Lilla...or all three.. (I like giving credit when due) who gave me a quote I remember regularly and pass on to you:

"Never refuse an invitation to a party. You never know who you might meet."  

So true. I always look forward to my next party, and wonder what amazing things will come from it.

Finding joy within a party is fairly easy...unless you can't. Here's the thing - sometimes finding joy is more about the within than the without (that is, your surroundings). If you're depressed, the best party in the world won't always help - you need to deal with yourself. But at the same time, a willingess to embrace joy can go a long way. So look within and see what you can do.

By the way, a lot of people are too intimidated to throw a party. They feel it's too much for them. It's a shame that. I mean, it's an opportunity. If it goes wrong, so what? I remember throwing a dinner party once where I burned my yummy dinner rolls. I panicked - what should I do? I called my mentor (my mom - a veteran thrower and attender of many great dinner parties and well known on the circuit I am happy to report) and checked in. She said to serve them anyway and apologize. People will like that I'm not perfect and not be so intimidated by the fact that I was brave enough to throw a party in the first place. I served the rolls, and indeed everything was fine and we had a great time. 

People being intimidated by success is a real thing. My Aunt Sophie (also a fabulous dinner-party hostess)  met Julia Child at a party once and remarked on how much fun it must be to visit different dinner parties and such, expecting that she's a popular guest. Julia told her it never happened, and that people were too intimidated to invite her and she rarely attended dinner parties at homes other than her own. Shame.

If you are in the group of people intimidated by the very thought of throwing an event, maybe consider throwing a pot-luck party where everyone brings a dish, or throw the party in a bar where you all meet to have fun. Don't have enough friends for a party? Throw a joint-party with a group of people. Many many options. By the way, there are really cool venues you can rent wherever you are. I found this article on venues in Paris in case you're pondering that....Parisian Pads You Can Borrow for an Epic Party.

Regardless, parties are fun, JOYOUS occasions. We all have reasons to celebrate so I invite you to express the joy in your life by throwing a party!