The Joy of Giving Thanks

Tue26thNov 2019

The Joy of Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving in a few days....probably my favorite holiday. Growing up, we'd celebrate with my dad's Draper cousins (the portrait is of my grandmother Grace Draper Gallaway, painted by her brother Bill Draper). FANTASTIC parties, great food, wonderful company, and a great opportunity to connect with relatives and hear stories of years  past. SO much fun!

Part of the discussion was hearing what people were thankful for. It's a sharp contrast to Christmas, when we focus on what we want. And then there's the whole issue of how we REALLY treated the very kind native Americans who helped us survive then watched us kill them off physically, spiritually, and certainly philosophically. Honestly? They still are recovering, and African Americans are still recovering from slavery....and we the blessed whites, as a group, are falling quite short in helping them.

So let's circle back to giving thanks. Because looking at that word ("Thanksgiving"), maybe we really are meant to focus more on GIVING. Not just giving thanks, but giving back to others. Giving is a big deal. There are SO many people in need, and SO many who are subject to discrimination and put aside and discounted..perhaps we could take one more step with our giving thanks. It's time to cut back what we have and give more to others. Why not?

Carry more bills in your pocket and give them away to street musicians, the homeless (unless you prefer giving them food...then great - do that) or others in need. Start reconsidering what you give to charities and consider giving more. Time is SO valuable! Giving your time is a fabulous way to help an organization. It's rare to have too many volunteers. And finally..give love. Give blessings. Send good energy to everyone in need, and maybe even everyone else too. 

We're all connected, and we all need each other. Start with that, and see how you can improve our planet. Give more. And be thankful you can.

Happy Thanksgiving!