The Joy of Leaving

Fri12thJan 2018

I'm leaving an organization of which I'm sick of being a part. To say I'm thrilled is really underestimating the great celebration I'm experiencing. 

But leaving feels SO good when you do it. We stay too long in places, relationships, groups, friendships...far too often. Then when we finally pull the plug we think "what took us so long?!"  And who knows. Leaving is hard. When we join something we make a sort of commitment to stick around a while. If we're miserable though...that's ridiculous. 

If you are miserable where you are, leave.

Now for those of you who hate your life (and I'm so sorry you do), please step back and realize I mean you should change your situation, not leave the big picture.

But how you do that? How do you leave? Won't others be angry? Disappointed? And what if they hate me for my decision? Gang, did your mom every tell you "if that's they kind of friend they are, then they aren't really your friend?" Well it's true. A good friend will always support whatever is the best thing for you. So choose that. And how do you leave? With respect and honoring that they are staying. I gave my group notice, I thanked them for staying, and I appreciate their efforts.They're happy there, so cool, they get to stay. I'm not, I get to leave. Boom

And after you leave...have some cake. I'm a big believer that cake makes everything that much better.


PS - I saw this doorway in Mexico (and that man was just not leaving) and I really love it. Shame it's falling apart, but good architecture is good architecture, you know?