The Joy in Math

Fri29thDec 2017

I really love math. I find solving equations very satisfying. I'm wildly analytical, so figuring things out is something I love to do. I'll do equations in my mind in bed at night just seeing if I can. I find the consistency in math and numbers fascinatingl SO linear! So when I saw this technique, I just had to check it out. It's VERY cool. It looks time consuming, but that's only in learning it. What the brain will do is train itself to process this way - visualize it - so once you have it down, you'll be able to do it your head, and then faster and faster. 

An important part of joy is knowing what you love, understanding it, and playing with it. Give that a ponder. What do you really enjoy? And hey why aren't you doing that right now hmm?

In the meantime if you want to watch the video on this cool math - check it out!

(ps - the website where I found it, "Bored Panda" - they have really fun stuff)