The Joy of What you (TRULY) Want

Sun22ndMar 2020

Knowing what you want is a BIG deal, but getting it is FABULOUS!!!

People are really funny about taking jobs they don't like. That is to say, many people work in jobs they hate. And if they do it because they need the money and/or if they are trapped in a poverty cycle and have no other know, I send all those people blessings towards a better reality. But I'm not talking about them.

I'm calling out to people who are choosing to stay where they are when they don't like it and really could choose something else. They do that because they want the lifestyle that the income provides, or because they are afraid of change or their spouse won't agree to downsizing which would allow a change, or something else. I just shake my head. People, can we please choose out of unhappiness? It just breeds more of the same. And so much is money-driven... The clerk told to stay late and finish the job instead of seeing his kids, his manager (who wants to see her love more but is told to stay late) who keeps him late because the job needs to be done, or the executive (trying to put her child through school towards college) rushing everyone because the CEO (who actually is an artist craving solitude to paint) has stockholders screaming for more profits. And wow, this is ALL run by the rich wanting more!  Just say no.

So what if you just quit it all and regroup? My son and I are both doing that right now. He's in Australia just finding work where he finds it, but enjoying a whole new country. And me - I was in an income-guaranteed safe job, and (wow) for the first time I had a GREAT supervisor and genuinely lovely co-workers! But I was called to do my healing work, and to paint. So I took a risk and left. It feels incredible. So far so good - clients are coming. I have friends (familiar with my work) who are sending me's all falling into place, but make no mistake, if it doesn't work I'll need to return to that safe job. And ok, I do like it there, but this is my calling. This makes me joyous. And I honestly KNOW it's going to work. How am I doing that?

Let's talk about FAITH. I don't mean religious faith (although that's cool too) but just faith within. YOU are fabulous! And what you have to offer is legitimately a worthwhile thing. You just have to make it work. Faith is what you need to keep you going and push you when inspiration is lacking. I'm an optimist so I see things work out well the bulk of the time - even if it's late (ahem...which happens). Faith is my knowing that wherever I am and whatever shit-storm in which I find myself, eventually it will be ok. And that space - that "ok" - that's where you find joy. That big breath you take where you realize it's all ok, that came from faith because you did indeed actually get there. Life can be a bitch but I promise you that joy is there if you keep at it. 


PS - So what's with the picture? I love that hat. And she is fairly stunning. That look, that feel of being fabulous....I want that. And there are times I am right there in it......because I make my life happen. So can you.