Joy in a Yurt

Fri29thDec 2017

I am seriously in love with yurts. There is something about them that I find warm and inviting. My goal is to have one in my backyard at some point and have guests there, throw workshops there..or maybe just hang out there. But I want one. And I want to decorate the inside to be artistically fun! I saw one that had the wood pieces painted red - fabulous.

I have a friend, Ken, who makes yurts (, and they are seriously wonderful. The pieces - the perimeter inside is made of beautiful wooden Xs that overlap so they accordion open and closed appropriately, and the ceiling has gorgeous wooden pieces along various radius parts (?)...tough to describe. But they are wonderful. And he makes them all by hand. Wood workers are so talented - wonderfully exact and making things of wood that are just fabulous!  Tree-killing aside (and I'll bet he buys his wood sustainably where possible...he's that type), it's an amazing process with a gorgeous result. You'll see, I'll have a yurt some day. Cool stuff.