My Joyous Burning Man!!!

Mon15thJan 2018

I am a Burner!!! To date I've been to Burning Man 7 times. 

I am my most joyous, truest self there. 

In fact, Burning Man is where I remembered who I was...AM. I realized that I wasn't living that in my life. I was someone else, someone that I THOUGHT I was...but wasn't. Can you believe that? I held back on being my true self. I didn't ever talk about my gifts, I let others think that I didn't care about things that matter A LOT wasn't appropriate.

I had to have things look a certain way. Tragic.

Gang, that is NOT how you live a joyous life!!!  BEING YOURSELF IS JOYOUS! Because you are THAT great!! THAT FABULOUS!!!

So I changed. I started being ME. And oooooh I am so SO much happier. And I love my life. I LOVE MY LIFE. And I choose this life. It's mine. I belong here. And my friends - so many of them are Burners. We all understand each other. And the friends of mine from before Burning Man that are still with me? It's because they love me as this TRUE me. The ones that liked the old me? Well, we're still friends...but it's not the same. They just aren't into my current state of Being. And that's totally cool. I love them no matter what they do. Just like you. Dearest reader, I love you as you are. That's another thing I learned - loving unconditionally. Remind me sometime and I'll teach you how to do - love unconditionally. It's incredibly easy.   (I believe I cover it in my book - go check out The Book Shelf - it's there, bright red cover). 

Burning Man is my home.

and if you go to Burning Man...Oh The Places You'll Go!!!

(Night-time pic for's magic in the dark!!)