Nasa Posters & appreciative joy

Thu28thDec 2017

I'm not super into space...but cool art is cool art!

My Uncle Bill was a serious portrait artist, and he LOVED seeing what people created. He saw right through to the ability required and it fascinated him. He once showed me this schlocky bird made of grass (like a basket) that you see all over and sells for a few dollars. I wasn't impressed. But then he said "look at this! Someone MADE this! I couldn't do it, could you?!" and suddenly I saw it with new eyes. I most certainly could not make one as perfectly as this one. Sure, many people were clearly making the same thing, but that ability is still to be admired. Why do we value art less when there are multiples of it? And yet it's the source isn't it? Tiffany's sell vast multitudes of duplicate items, but with that name they continue to earn huge amounts. Crazy. 

These posters are wonderful. I really like the style. But imagine how joyous the artist is that their art is so appreciated. Being appreciated is joyous too.