Beautiful Earth

Mon5thMar 2018

I took this picture. Nice right? This is someone's back yard. I wonder how they make the grass that green and perfect. They have gardeners 
of course. In fact, this is a garden made open to the public. Which is SO nice of them by the way.

I have no idea how environmental they are on this property. I would hope they are very aware of it and use environmentally friendly products (and if they do, HATS OFF!!), but the fact is, they don't have to because there is no law that requires it. More importantly, there is no culture that requires it. We all-too-rarely teach the importance of operating in an Earth-friendly way, so many of us grow up not understanding that the poison we use on the ground seeps into our water and then into us.  

I find that when I mention environmental alternatives to people they become annoyed. Why? Poor education. They, sincerely, do not understand that the Round Up poison they are using is seeping into our waterways and then our drinking water and then us. 

But I imagine you know all this. SO I wonder if you could please spread the word, vote appropriately and donate to Earth-friendly organizations when you can. Water is WILDLY important, and I'd like to continue to be able to drink it.

Just saying.