A Better Mankind

Mon22ndJan 2018

So you’re ready for mankind to be better. And aren't we all?

I just talked about “living consciously” in my blog entry; A Better Planet. The same goes for changing mankind. We need to live a more conscious life.

How stressed are you? A LOT of people are VERY stressed, and many of us accept that as the norm. What about anger?  Many people carry around a lot of anger too. Neither of those is good for us. In fact, they involve us carrying around a lot of toxins in our bodies. Those toxins turn into dis-ease and make us ill. And if the bulk of mankind is in this place (and they are) we have a big problem. The way to help mankind is to first improve your own life (put the oxygen mask on yourself first) and then help others. 

It’s absurdly easy to help others. Be friendly, reach out, volunteer… whatever works for you. Take a look on what I wrote on tribes - connection is HUGE. 

But wait, how do we help all of mankind by helping just a few people? Call it the ripple effect. I reach out to three people, they then reach out to three people, and those people each reach out to three people…it’s just matter of time until we get to everyone.

But remember to start with yourself. And as a note, how can a healer (like me for example..since I'm here) help you? Depends on what you want. If you care about the planet start looking at yourself and your own health. Choose a healer that can help you with the parts of your life that don't work. Meet a few and ask them what they can do for you. You don't know what to eat? Talk with a naturopath, homeopath or a holistic doctor. You have pain? Look into alternative therapies - hypnosis is fantastic, Energy Work is absurdly effective though little known still. Want to bring peace into your life? Look into meditation. Don't know where to start? Try a life coach. Personally, the work I do varies. Sometimes I work with individuals, sometimes I work with institutions. It depends on what everyone wants. I generally find that people who want me are looking for significant change for them and/or their planet. But it all starts with an intention. Figure out what you want and just dive in.
A better mankind starts with you.