Caring Less

Tue13thFeb 2018

I took a drawing class in 2008 because I was lousy at it. This is one of my first drawings. Not great, but you could at least see what I was looking at. The purpose of the class was to improve my ability. That happened. I also had a great teacher who understood how I needed to be taught (Quick aside - teachers are amazing people, and so SO wildly more valuable than we give them credit for. If you ever get the opportunity to support teachers to any degree; please do. Mankind really benefits). So I'm better at drawing....and? Really, why should I care?

There's a lot to be said about caring. To care about others, that's essential to the planet. We are MEANT to be WILDLY connected to each other, and without caring that's just not happening. In fact, I could easily argue that the awful things happening on this planet are 100% due to people not caring enough...that is...caring less than they can. Notice - not less than they SHOULD but less than they CAN. And interestingly, people care far less when there is money involved. We all have enough to give a homeless person a dollar. We do. And yet we don't always give it. Why? We're concerned with how they'll spend it, we worry that we'll need that dollar later, we worry how others will judge us...we could also give a dollar to organizations who help the homeless, but I'm not seeing a flood of donations in that direction either.

We're off. That is, we're unbalanced. So many opinions, judgments, and information that skew our thinking has toppled us past our hearts.

Can we stop that please?

In short, seriously, stop caring about everything that is not what you know in your heart.

But wait - why do I care about improving my drawing? It's just fun. And when you express yourself artistically, it should be fun because when you are happy you are opening your heart, and the more open it is, the more you love, the more mankind and Earth benefit.

Your heart knows what others need and what you don't. It's why you feel guilty when you fail to follow your heart. Your heart is the part of you that cares. Listen to it. Obey it. And stop caring about the stuff, the people, the money....all the things that really don't matter. Start caring about the planet and mankind. THEY matter. WE matter.

The planet and mankind matter. Breathe that in.