Dogs, elephants and animals we eat

Sun7thJan 2018

I love my dogs. That's Lena on the left and Ohwie on the right. I could write about them endlessly. Pets are like that right?  So then I think of elephants. I LOVE elephants. SO intelligent, SO cool... you know where I'm going with this right? Hang on....bear with me.

I am not into eating things that need to be killed, but that's me. If you are into that - hey that's up to you. I mean, animals eat other animals and it's a thing and I get that. What I don't understand is why we are so mean to them. Hunting for sport? Creepy. Read The Most Dangerous Game sometime. And keeping animals in cages until we eat them? So unnecessary. Circuses? Zoos? All crazy. Read the book Wicked. Entirely different take. What if animals really CAN think, and we are WAY underestimating them? The thing is, they are ALL intelligent, and they ALL have feelings. So ok, eat them if you must (and I could argue that if you can't kill them yourself, you really don't WANT to eat them) but give them a humane life. And if you're on the fence...Check this book out - Omnivore's Dilemma

Finally, think on this one; you have an animal raised eating crap that will make it grow faster, with chemicals pumped in to make it bigger, it lives a miserable life, watches others get slaughtered in front of it, and sometimes is skinned alive...because it happens...and dies of shock. Is that really a vibration you want to bring into your Being?

Just saying.