Happy New Year!!

Mon1stJan 2018

It's a new year, a fresh start, a blank slate. I'm one of those people that believes that life is what you make it, so the start of a new year is just that - a new start. I'm also an optimist, so I believe things are MEANT to be good. Thus, I should be in a really great place right now, true?

And yet I'm not. I'm in a place of struggling. I'll spare you the story. Here's the thing - struggling is a huge call for clarity. When you can't see straight you can't think straight. Thus, when you are struggling you need to step back and really look at things. Start with "what's REALLY bothering you?" You may not know what that is. If you feel stuck on that one - try "laddering".  You look at a situation and say "what's the worst that can happen?", get an answer then to that answer say "ok, if THAT happens THEN what's the worst that can happen?" and you continue with that (it will probably get painful and scary...that's a good sign) until you get to a stopping point that seems unthinkable. THAT is your real problem, and THAT is what you need to let go of.

I'll give you an example. I have a problem leaving my dogs with someone overnight. It makes me VERY picky, and it's quite limiting. So let's ladder..."what's the worst that can happen?" They can bring my dogs outside and one will run away. "If that happens, what's the worst that can happen?"  They loose track of where they are too fast and not be able to come home because they are so cold and they will be scared and suffer and die and I will never see them again." If that happens, what's the worst that can happen?" I will be responsible for my dog dying. "If that happens, what's the worst that can happen?" It will haunt and distract me and I'll miss them and never know if they are ok. "If that happens, what's the worst that can happen?" (I'm feeilng a headache) I really don't know. I suppose I'll get another dog. But that's not it. I had my last dog die really suddenly. I didn't have an autopsy done as I really didn't want to know how I screwed up. So loosing another dog because of...neglect? Is it neglect if a dog gets away? Or if it's sick and dies and you didn't/couldn't stop it? See the processing? This is how you work through stuff.... but let's wrap this up. My fear is that I fail my dogs, and if I leave them with someone else, I'll fail them by not being here to do the best I can. So the next step is recognizing that I have a right to live my life, that I always do the best I can, that it's ok to "take a chance" and trust someone else, and that it's ok when mistakes happen and when dogs die. Shit happens. And we can't prevent everything. And I let go of everything around this subject that fails to serve me in my optimal. Boom.

So start this year by letting stuff go. There will always be stuff to deal with and the more you let stuff go, the better off you'll be. I promise. And if you need a little help, seriously, buy my book - "Energy...What?!." :-)  It gives you more around this process. Sorry for the self-promotion but hey, if you need it you need it.

Happy New Year Team.