How to MISS Burning Man (Day 1)

Mon10thSep 2018

I am missing Burning Man. So in lieu of mourning this annual FABULOUS thing I do, I am changing how I operate this week. I am SHIFTING my world so that I am celebrating/living Burning-Man style. :-) I invite you to join me and incorporate it into your world whether you're a Burner or a Burner-want-to-be.

TODAY is about prepping. The burn starts, really, on Sunday when the gates open, but in the time prior to that you get ready. So today, for me, is about pondering how I'm showing up this week. I'm pondering things to have and do (things I've never done and want to do, things I'll need that I can get NOW so once I'm ready to them I'm all set, like art supplies, what I want to eat etc) so I don't spend time on that later. When you go to the playa (the desert spot where Burning Man takes place) you'd better bring what you need, because once you're in, you're IN.

And there's the mental prep - what do I want to get from this experience? And I don't mean setting expectations, I mean setting INTENTIONS. I INTEND to come away from this week with new realizations of how to incorporate Burning Man into my life year-round. I've done a lot of that already. I'm MUCH freer in my thinking and accepting of people and life...I eat MUCH more consciously, and I am WAAAAAAY more environmentally obsessed than I was. And all that feels very right for me. My goal is to live my life as consciously as possible, so I just keep heading towards that.

SO if you are thinking of joining me on this, you should probably read the 10 Principles of Burning Man.


Love Geeg