How to MISS Burning Man (Day 10, last in the series)

Mon10thSep 2018

People will be leaving in long lines today and most will leave with others as carpooling is encouraged. In fact “Burner Buses” from Reno airport and downtown San Francisco (and back) are moving a TON of burners, and saving us lots of pollution. Good stuff.

The thing about this day, and all of this week really, is that many burners will be getting through an energetic hangover of sorts. You know how you attend an emotional event (wedding, funeral etc) and then feel it for the next few days? It’s like that. The thing is, THIS was a week of emotions. Parties bring you up, the temple can really bring you down, and if you go to the transformation workshops (where you confront the part of you that fails to work for you, past trauma, whatever) you’re that much more in a period of transition. It’s a big deal.

I mention this as a reminder that you very likely experience this sort of thing in your life more often than you realize, and getting through it can be much easier. For one thing - be gentle on yourself. It’s easy to power through stuff, but it’s so much healthier on your Being if you rest however you can. Sure, go to work, but maybe take a really quiet lunch, or make that walk to another desk a little slower, whatever. And watch your food and drink intake. Up your water for one thing. It helps wash away the toxins of emotion that you are letting go. Healthy food will help you be stronger and feel better.

Finally, listen to what you need. If you need to talk, find someone to talk with. If you need to be alone, make that happen.

That’s it. Just a little note for you. This has been a lovely week to share with you. Thanks for reading.

Sending you love, always,