How to MISS Burning Man (day 2)

Mon10thSep 2018

Today would be my arrival day (as in, I'd arrive on the playa), so it's a lot about the journey there. (The traffic is incredible going to the playa. With zero traffic from Reno I want to say it's 2 hours...with low traffic, like Saturdays, you're talking 5ish (depending on your luck). On Sundays, THE arrival day, 10 hours is not unusual, and often a minimum).

So I COULD drive somewhere for a long time, but instead my plan today is a mental journey. WHY is Burning Man such a big deal? In short, it's extraordinarily fun. Tons going on, people that are wonderful to meet, and connect with, incredible art to see...stuff like that. WHY do I not FEEL that I have that in my everyday life? Probably as I don't seek it out. SO this week I'm seeking it out, and more so than usual. Like today - it's the Saturday market in West Lebanon. I buy really fresh produce straight from the farmers (LOVE that), see craftspeople selling their wares (inspiring), Emily "the dahlia lady" who sells some of the most extraordinary flowers I've ever seen (seriously, she has enormous blooms - like 8", well, you get the point. Today I'm going with a different mind. No idea what that looks like...I'm always chatty, and always observant...but certainly haven't seen everything, so who knows? But that's just one thing. I intend to open my eyes MORE to the world around me. Burning Man has great people, but so does everywhere else. I intend to meet more of them.

And I'm painting Burning Man from a distance. I'll attach a pic so you can see my progress.

Finally, tomorrow is when the burn officially starts. So I'm (mentally) compiling a list of things to do that are super cool. I happen to have this week open, so we'll see where my adventures take me. Stay tuned!!!