How to MISS Burning Man (day 3)

Mon10thSep 2018

It’s today!!! The gates opened at midnight last night and everything starts today! One the first things I’d do there is check out the “What Where When” booklet that tells what’s going on at this fabulous celebration. While spontaneity is marvelous, I’d want to know what to make sure I’m around for. After all, it takes time to get places. The playa is enormous! This is 70,000 people after all. The next thing I’d do is find a deserted corner, put on my earphones, crank the music up, and just dance. After that, the day is free.

Today, however, I’m home, so I’m indulging in a cup of tea and chat with you THEN I’ll dance. And btw, this is a good reminder. I should be doing that daily. This will get me back in the practice.

And this week’s event I’m looking forward to so far? I’m driving (with the dogs!) up to Maine and am going to go camping. Tomorrow in fact. Friends told me about Acadia national forest, which sounds LOVELY so I’m heading there and spending a few days. I could spend the week but honestly? I want to do lots of different things this week. But I’m psyched for that. It’s a 6 hour drive. I love the idea of being alone in my head for that long.

Lessons from yesterday? I am well on the road to understanding my love of Burning Man. I’m wildly analytical you know (seriously), so I looked at it and said “if I went to Burning Man for the weekend, what would I want it to look like ideally?” and that really narrows it down. Here’s what I came up with - I want to be around friends, I want really interesting conversation that is free and open (as in, no one steers things away from getting heated as people start getting passionate, embarrassed people listen rather than leave…that kind of thing), there is interesting stuff to do together, whether it’s to see art, create something, attend a performance, go to a dance, whatever…there are great places to BE together (so we can all hang out - Burning Man has really great HUGE lounges) and there is good food (and if you know me, you’ll know that means CAKE too  ;-)   That’s what I have so far. So how to create that in my life…and in YOUR life. That’s the next question to answer. Stay tuned.

So what will today bring? I actually like my Sundays quiet and to myself, but I want to try something new. I know this may sound odd, but I think I might JUST read for 3 hours. I LOVE to read, and I do, but I get distracted and don’t read for as much as I’d like. So that’s the goal. That and to work on my painting depicting the energy of Burning Man. I’m attaching a picture of what I have so far.

Enjoy this amazing day!!!