How to MISS Burning Man (day 4)

Mon10thSep 2018

First my plan for today was to just drive north and camp somewhere. Multiple people then warned me that LOTS of people camp in Maine, especially the week ending on Labor Day, and I'll really need reservations. Cool, I went online. And an hour later, having seen a GREAT deal of camps full….I was feeling very lost. I mean, I'd be willing to just pull into the woods and go for it, but I saw a bear pretty close to my house last year....and they ARE around. I'm not an experienced camper (AT ALL... I camp at Burning Man, but within a camp that is pretty much spoiling camping for me is popping up a tent and enjoying the BIGGER camp where we all share in the work). So true to form, I started to panic. I called my oracle (not always easy to be one for yourself) and she said yes go, yes go to Maine BUT this is about going with flow. So that’s my lesson. And right now I am literally about to walk out the door, my heart is racing so I get there with LOTS of daylight…and since I need to go with the flow, it’s hard NOT to get ready for adversity. The dogs are all over me - wanting to make sure they are included. As I sit and type even, Ohwie is sitting behind me, Lena is on my lap. Both checking in periodically to see if it’s time.

So I’m off!! Not sure of the internet up there, so if you don’t hear from me, just wait. I’ll be back. :-)