How to MISS Burning Man (day 7)

Mon10thSep 2018

Hey!  So as I said, I did indeed go to Maine! Straight to Acadia National Park, and more specifically, Skoodic Woods. Quite the adventure. Ten hours driving there (sooooo much time to ponder me, life, the Universe and everything) because I took the long way (I wanted to SEE Maine...and DID. Pretty state), then stayed for two nights (camped with the dogs, toured the area...experienced Maine blueberries which are TINY, and saw that Maine lobsters are sold EVERYWHERE) and came home in 7 hours. It was genuinely short, but sweet. I now have a better feel for Maine, and honestly? I'll go back sometime and stay longer.

So did this help with the question - what do I like about Burning Man? And can I recreate it outside of the playa - to the degree that I need? I had a lot of time to think on it.

Key reasons for ME attending Burning Man -

- Great conversations

- Interesting people

- Incredible art

- Great workshops

- Adventures. And I encompass a lot in that thought. Being in the desert in that heat? Camping? All that not-a-hotel business is outside my comfort zone right there. But within the playa there are adventures all over. Things to climb (art), new things to try (hey, getting comfortable enough with your body to go around pretty naked? THAT process was an adventure. Cool stuff.

So how did Maine do in comparison? It definitely was an adventure for one thing, and on multiple levels. I never drive really far, camp, and with my dogs and no one else. AND indeed, I was VERY alone. The campground only had "group" camps left. I asked if I could rent that and indeed that was a thing, so I did. And as there are usually multiple campers, it was far away from every other site. And there were no other campers, really, within earshot. So I was INDEED camping in the middle of nowhere…alone. The dogs were definitely feeling it all too - barking at EVERY sound at first. And you know, it took me three fires (and two luke-warm meals) before I figured out how these coal fires work...lots learned. AND this was the Maine coast. GORGEOUS scenery. An adventure on many levels.

You know, life is SO like that!  And yeah, right in our own backyard. :-)  So one Burning Man question answered - are there adventures to be had elsewhere? Well yeah sure. I just need to go and take advantage.