How to MISS Burning Man (day 8)

Mon10thSep 2018

So, yesterday was NOTHING like what I set out to experience. In short, my dad’s cousin Clare died. He’s my cousin too, obviously, but a different generation. The thing is, he and my dad were really great friends, and he was a lovely man and I’m friends with his kids. I’m definitely going to the funeral, with my mom (my dad has passed) and yesterday was a lot about organizing all that (I’m in NH, they’re in Alabama). It was also triggering, as death will be, and I dealt with that.

So how is that like the playa? A lot actually. There is always a temple at Burning Man, and it’s a place where people are welcome to leave whatever they want as a way to remember someone, then it’s burned on Sunday night. It’s a BIG deal. The place itself is incredibly sacred. Some of them have such strong vibrations that it’s easy to find yourself spontaneously crying upon walking in. Burning Man has this reputation of being a party place, but in fact there’s a lot more going on in many ways and recognizing and honoring death is one of them. These temples…they are FILLED with tributes and memorials. I remember having trouble finding space for my tribute (it wasn’t that big) one year. The thing is, once you’re in that space, all bets are off. Everyone loves everyone and shows up when needed. I was triggered into sobbing one year, and two people came up to me and just held me as I cried. That’s not unusual. The temple recognizes that we’re all human and all connected, and being in it calls in all of those things that much more immediately. When my daughter Grace died I made a tribute to her and put it in the temple that year. When the temple burned I think I cried harder than at any other time. THAT was when I let her go. It’s a powerful place.

So that was yesterday.

I connected with people too, though mostly around Clare’s death. It was really great. I think we underestimate how important it is to be around people. Food for thought.

So TODAY I’ll try that art thing again. :-)  This afternoon I get time with my Mom. She’s 80 and spends her summers around here. She leaves to return home (to FL) soon, so I’m highly aware of enjoying time with her. The fact that a contemporary of hers just died makes me that much more grateful she’s around.

The (Burning) Man burns tonight, the temple burns tomorrow. Burning Man is coming to a close and so is my magic week. I’m noticing that and adjusting accordingly.

Enjoy your day my loves,