How to MISS Burning Man (day 9)

Mon10thSep 2018

Today is about take-down (getting ready to leave) and the temple burning at night. I always found it a day that is busy on the one hand, and very sad on the other. I do a lot of self-discovery at Burning Man, and it leaves me pretty raw by the end. I remember my first burn and the last day - the song “To Sir With Love” came on, and I just found myself sobbing. I realized that I wasn’t living as who I truly was. I genuinely had forgotten who I was. It was a wow. And how to incorporate all that I saw, learned and experienced into my life…I was so lost. It was a big deal. And going home….I had no idea what it would look like, but I felt very alone. Happily, I had fellow burners VERY familiar with this and they were wildly supportive. It’s not a unique feeling. Burners have special (local) parties the week after Burning Man just so they can all “come down” together. Great idea.

SO what will today look like for me? Well, I painted a lot yesterday, so I’ll finish that up, and put away my camping gear (I need to figure out the leak in my blow-up mattress…which is sitting in my living room). I might bake something (because I CAN).

But to wrap up - how do I incorporate Burning Man into my life?

You’ll remember - these are my favorite parts of Burning Man-

  • Great conversations
  • Interesting people
  • Incredible art
  • Great workshops
  • Adventures

I feel like Dorothy standing before Glinda with the magic shoes and her telling me that I could have gone home all the time (seriously, that made me cry)(note - I cry pretty easily. And that’s a good thing). Everything at Burning Man exists in our everyday lives, we just need to seek it out. It’s really not that difficult. So all this week, all this thinking…I end up with the ruby slippers. Too funny.

But while I have your attention. Gang, the thing that really needs our attention is the planet. Pollution is SUCH a big deal. Please raise your awareness and support it getting cleaner. If nothing else, watch the water. We only have so much, and having it clean is a BIG deal.

I send you all love.