I'm Back !!

Mon16thMar 2020

Healings are happening!! I'm so pleased to be back to this really cool part of life!

I stepped away from healing for a time, mostly working on my art, but exploring other stuff too, and now I'm back to working on people again. It was weird to leave - I just suddenly didn't want to work on people and instead was DRIVEN to paint and create art. A LOT.  Callings are like that - sudden and LOUD. Admittedly, some of my  art work is still incomplete, but it feels right to work on it and dive back into healing. REALLY right. I mean, I suddenly was like...I need to work on people...where ARE they? I'm ready!" You know?

It's interesting that it's happening right as this virus starts gaining speed. Funny, because I'm wondering if people will call on me to help rid them of the virus. I really have no idea. Why not? The thing is, spiritually, I feel there is more to this virus than "just" a spreading of a disease. I feel like it reflects who we are as a planet. We are a people who (as a group) fail to take care of our Earth. People on Earth are like cells in a body - you need to take care of your host or it will get sick. This virus is the Earth's sickness now on us.

The healings I do for people actually help the planet (too) because they bring clients into a higher state of health and mental well-being which means the "cells" of the planet are healing too. Think of it this way - the healthiest spirit on this planet (imho) is the Dalai Lama. Great leaders lead us in a positive direction. Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi....I could go. If everyone on the planet were like them, imagine what Earth would look like. It would be amazing! So that's where we're heading with my healings. You feel better, and the Earth does too.

I bring people into peace, love, health and greatness.  Cool right?



PS - The photo of a tree? I took it in Peru. I love this tree as it can stand for so many things on so many levels. Enjoy!