The Inspiration of a New Year (or not)

Wed2ndJan 2019

I am easily inspired. This picture was from a cute movie - The Secret Of Moonacre. The costumes were delicious (check out her dress) but this piano really captured my interest. SO gorgeous!! I think I wanted to learn to play piano MORE after I saw it.  

I find starting a new year to be incredibly inspiring. It's like looking at a blank canvas. The possibilities!! It's exciting.

The thing is, every second is a blank slate. We can start anew at ANY time. Sure, there can be some really interesting magic when the moon is full, or the year is new or we move into a new house, but the real magic is embraced when we're ready to embrace it. That is, if your head is not in the game, it doesn't matter what's going on. 

So now that the year is new, feel into what makes it so special. It's all about you. And you are you 24/7, so let go of a new start looking a certain way and dive in. There's plenty of time.