Job Hunting

Fri2ndFeb 2018

"I love hunting for jobs" said no one, ever. But since I know people in that place, I thought I'd drop a few hints.

REJECTION - The sooner you stop letting rejection bother you, the happier you will be. Think of this - YOU have preferences. You might prefer talking about video games over grammar errors, soccer over bowling, or being with people who are silly rather than intellectual. You like these things because you like them. That's about you. Not about the things you are choosing. Rejection is the same way - they just want something else. My mom used to say "if they are going to treat you that way, then they are not your friends". If people don't want you, those probably are not people with whom you should work. Find the ones who appreciate you and think you're great. They do exist. And THAT is a job worth having. 

What people say/do is 100% about them. How you take it is about you.

What you say/do is 100% about you. How people take it is about them.

CHOICES - Are you hunting for the right thing? Are you looking for what you really want? Do you even KNOW what you really want? Seriously, a lot of people don't. I have a GREAT book that will help this - "The Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting Handbook" (see the Book Shelf page). I got a LOT out of it. Lots of exercises that help you look within and see what you're really about. Worth doing whether you're job-hunting or not really. 

TIMING - People say job-hunting is a 40 hour a week job. If you incorporate the stress and worry involved it is FAR more than that. And as time passes, it just feels worse. Can you please take at least a day (and the weekend) off every week and really relax? Make the most of this time. Maybe just hunt in the morning, do something fun in the afternoon. Ponder getting in better shape - you'll feel better and look better. It's a good time to train for a marathon too btw (show employers you are a diverse person), and maybe (accidentally) that will help you connect with a potential employer who also runs. You can read more - stretch your brain, take online courses, express yourself artistically - I have a great book for that too; "The Artist's Way" (Book Shelf page).

VOLUNTEER - There is always a job for someone who doesn't get paid. Find a cause you care about and offer your time. You can legitimately add it to your resume, so it's a good time-filler, you'll be networking, and you'll be doing something to help others.

Job hunting is hard because it's depressing. You can shift that.

Good luck!!