And thus we have fire

Mon5thMar 2018

8 - Rings of fire around the green cancers

Fire is pretty destructive. And's also very cleansing as it brings us "back" to nothing and we can begin again. The fire around the cancer in the painting is all about the destruction of the toxicity. The issue is, WHY is it AROUND the toxicity and not burning it all together? And why are those branches moving right through it?  The key word is: containment. The cancer isn't growing, but it is WANTING to grow, so it sends it's henchmen (the branches) out past the fire looking for a place to develop.

It's a good analogy for anger.  We get ticked off at something, then see someone else and go to them and attempt to take out our anger on them. Some people let that roll off their backs and don't bite (think of them as fire - the anger just gets burned up and has no affect on them), while others get angry at us and then leave the interaction to pass the anger onto someone else.

In terms of the Earth, we all know not to throw trash on the ground, but really, we are more likely to do it in a state of anger than a state of love. That act sends trash onto the ground AND an vibration with the emotion of anger. Both are toxic. If someone else comes by and sees trash, if they are in a state of love they might pick it up. If they are in a state of anger they may add THEIR trash figuring that this is a dump anyway, so who cares? More trash, more anger. 

So the more we allow the fire, the protection against toxins via destruction of those same toxins, the better. 

For more about emotions and how they affect us check out the book "The Language Of Emotions" on my Book Shelf page. It's listed under "Healing".