Communication between me, the rich and the poor (LAST addition to this part of art piece!!)

Thu4thOct 2018

17 - Black line from far left to far right (going all over in between)

DONE!!!! This last contribution is a black line that starts on the far left and moves all over! It was really interesting to paint. As I painted it i was having a conversation between me, the poor and the rich. I was like an arbiter. The poor felt disregarded by the rich, ignored and unimportant. They felt there was no hope. The rich really did not understand the poor. They felt the poor didn’t try hard enough and were living those results. They felt safe in keeping their money just in case... and they couldn’t have too much, they needed it all. I really worked to hear them, and then to help them shift into a different place. I helped the poor to have hope, and the rich to get that they don’t need so much and that we are all connected, so sharing has/has real value. I remember painting the last strokes and repeating “choose love” over and over. Sooooo powerful!! Now that this project, this huge painting is done I move onto the 2nd third of the total piece. Stay tuned!!!