Connection and the Ripple Effect

Mon28thMay 2018

14 - The green and pink lines connecting the stars

Connection is a big deal. I say that all the time. The thing is, ARE we connected? Really?  And what IS connection?

I feel that a lot of connection is about caring and empathy....and you know, love, if it needs to be said. Call a homeless person a "star" (as in the last blog entry). A blue star sitting alone on a street corner wondering from where his dinner will come. Then he is given a sandwich by a kind stranger. A nearby stray dog sees the sandwich and stares at him. The man breaks off a piece and gives it to the dog who licks him. He smiles, pleased for the affection. Another stranger passes by and see this kindness.  He gives the man some money and as he looks up a woman passes by and their eyes connect. She noticed the kindness, and she too gives the homeless man something. Everyone is feeling good because they shared a connection - they cared enough about someone (or something) to help them out. And why is the homeless man that star and not that first giver? Actually, they are both stars. They both cared. Being a star, a rock that causes the ripples...that can be anyone. There merely needs to be a kindness, a reaching out. Connection is what calls out to us to do something. It empowers us. It's wonderful.