Money changes everything

Fri15thSep 2017

3 - Black/Green lines taking over

Funny, it was only today that I noticed that money is green and so it the heart chakra. Interesting. The green is around money. Talk about a toxicity for mankind! I mean, how many wars are really around money? Sure, you could argue that many were over power…but what is power about? Money. More power, more money. Such craziness. If you want to know what life looks like without money, go to Burning Man. There is something very freeing about giving things away over selling them. It’s really wonderful. REALLY wonderful. And the green in this painting – it starts as a small part of the painting, but then wants to leach everywhere, climbing on some things, dripping onto others. SO like money – seems small, but eventually it dominates. Toxic toxic toxic. Such craziness…