There is always HOPE

Sat7thApr 2018

9 - Blue swirly circley lines

Please don't confuse the existing hope with the knowledge that with we ARE saving Earth. Only some of us are. That effort is represented by the blue swirly things. When I look at the upper left where there's a LOT of blue, and it's clearly taking over, I think of Scandinavia in general and Norway in particular as they do SO much for the planet. The places with very little blue, they're about governments which are unwilling to help and the people who voted them in.

I once met a full blooded Cherokee who said it was already decided - Earth is in a downward spiral. Well I'm here to tell you that while things look bad (REALLY bad) they CAN turn around. But gang, we need to step up our game.  Look towards Scandinavia. It CAN be done.